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the midnight sun lightshow

In a nutshell, The Midnight Sun Lightshow works with high-caliber bands to create an immersive experience of sound and visuals. It is an image-laden show that deploys many 16mm film projectors, Optikinetics effects projectors, slide projectors, a variety of effects lights and occasionally video projection. Initial inspiration came from the multi-media lightshows of the 1960s which were more than just colored oil and water. In the 70s it was Liquid Len & the Lensmen taking it to the next level that provided inspiration along with Pink Floyd's refined use of films. In the 80s this type of show was out of style, and I would like to thank Rich Young (Iron Butterfly's Lightshow) for his help and encouragement. After a few name changes in the 80s (Exploding Amoeba Lightshow, Bicameral Visions Lightshow) the name Midnight Sun was adopted in 1990 and has stuck for 23 years now. Past projects include shows for Francis X, Human Drama, Spiritdome, Pressurehed, Bleed, Nik Turner's Space Ritual, Spiral Realms, Anubian Lights, Sound of the Blue Heart, Farflung and many others. The current project is a collaboration with veteran psychedelic rockers The Strawberry Alarm Clock!

Above left is a MS Lightshow moment from the Pressurehed tour in 1997. Directly left, a poster for the recent show at the Whisky A Go-Go with the Strawbery Alarm Clock. Midnight Sun mentioned in smaller text below the Alarm Clock. I hope to post more posters and pix here (and on the Lightshow's facebook page) as I dig them out and scan them.


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