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OK, it's been a while and the HTML of this site is getting a bit outdated. I realize that, but am stuck for the time being with what my website design software is capable of. It's a program made in Germany which allows much more control than templates, but is not compatible with other software so migration to another platform would be extremely time consuming. It would essentially mean starting over and rebuiding from the begining. I don't have time for that so please enjoy what you can but keep in mind that things may not always work as you would like. When clicking on a video or Blacklight Basement show episode, modern browsers may require the entire file to be downloaded before it shows itself on the page. Be patient. It will probably work. If it doesn't you may have to enable quicktime, which is required for most media on this site. Good luck...

So, what happens on this page, anyway? Well... I , like many others, have a passion for music, film and art - and while I think there is both good and bad in all genres I have my favorites, as will be quite evident. I am also somewhat of a collector (OK, pack-rat) and although I have picked up a lot of cool and unusual stuff over the years, I regretably did not keep them well organized. That means there are boxes and boxes of the weird and wonderful scattered around the basement, unlabeled and waiting for re-discovery. Now and then stuff will be coughed up out of that archive onto this page. No telling what could be next. Limited available time prevents this from being a regular Blog, and that is not really the intention. For that, I know of no better than my old pal Ron Kane, whose Blog "The Ron Kane Files" covers a broad spectrum of music with great depth and wit. You can visit him at http://ronkane.com or just press the button at the right.


It's a good place to hang out while I dig out the odds 'n ends that will gradually clutter this page.


This month's offering is a classic recording from Los Angeles Radio station KHJ recorded in 1967. Pioneering Psych DJ Dave Diamond joins KHJ after KBLA turned C&W, and in this excerpt of his first show there he lets us know something's happening in Pomona:

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