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"Storm and Thunder " by Earth & Fire

Originally 60s Dutch psych/garage band, Earth & Fire went progressive in 1971 resulting in a series of concept albums that are classics of the genre. "Storm and Thunder" was the first single from the first of these albums, "Song of the Marching Children". The band's sound throughout this period was shaped by their use of the Mellotron M300 - as seen in this clip, as well as Hammond organ, tasteful electric guitar, and Jerney Kaagman's powerful vocals. This performance (videotaped Feb. 22, 1972) shows the band in top form and offers a rare look at their lightshow, which played a major role in E&F's early 70s concerts. While a hit in Holland, their records were hard to find in the U.S. and every time I asked for them I was directed to the Earth, Wind And Fire section. Now that the Internet allows easier access to their music, they may eventually get some recognition on this side of the planet.

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