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virtual place in the aether to relax and enjoy the best in Psych, Prog, Garage, Electronic and Spacerock. Limited not only to music, this site celebrates the creative arts that sprang from the cultural underground only rarely until the 1960s, when the doors of society's collective perception swung open and a tsunami of experimentation, exploration, and newfound ways of expressing artistic vision swept across the globe.

By the late 1970s the wave had passed, and this free-spirited art and music retreated back to the underground where it has lived on, largely unnoticed by the mass media, and continues to thrive. But if you have read this far you probably already knew that, so just kick off your shoes, light some incense and explore the Basement's photos, video clips, radio show (Now online!), concert schedule & more to come as the site grows. NOTE: This site was launched May 23, 2008 and although somewhat sparse now, a lot of good stuff is waiting in the wings. My other projects (including the Midnight Sun Lightshow - check it out) always keep me on the run, but I will attempt monthy additions and updates, so check back here and watch it evolve... and mutate.


r.to the Blacklight Basement - A

Bridging the gap between the first two shows is a Halloween Special! The first episode is still available for download too. Click the green buttons at left for the Halloween Show and the buttons below for Episode #1.

Download 128


The second Blacklight Basement Show episode is posted at right. Titled "Escape Velocity" it continues the themes of gargage/psych/prog, but this time the emphasis is on spacerock. Also new is an option to download in enhanced AAC format as well as the widely playable mp3 files in both 128k (with Windows Media Viewer) and higher quality 320k (with Quicktime Viewer) sizes with the green buttons.

Button DL BB2 EV 128k
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It's another special show and for this installment the theme is Summertime, with an emphasis on the carefree mindset that summer vacation brings. It's more positive and upbeat than usual, but we expect to return to our regularly scheduled cynicism next time. As before, it is available in 128k mp3 in a windows media player, 32ok mp3 in a quicktime player, or the (recommended) enhanced AAC .m4a file with chapters and artwork. It's green button time:


The third show in the series is a look at progressive rock music. Both the virtues and excesses of the genre are acknowleged, but as with the other shows this is not intended to be a comprehensive introduction for newbies or the deepest cuts for lifelong progheads, just a chance to play a few things I like for my friends. Join me by giving the green button of your choice a click. The Enhanced AAC is recommended if you will play it on a Mac, ipod, or iphone. The 160 version is Windows friendly and 320 plays on about anything.


With the fourth installment we're taking a breather and examining the mysterious world of dreams. So break out your favorite relaxation aid and let your mind float downstream for an hour by pressing the green button of your choice. But if you nod off along the way, it's ok, that's just part of the experience. Choose Enhanced AAC to view graphics through Quicktime, or if your eyes are closed, either the 160k which opens in a windows media player, or the 320k for some sonic soma.

BBshow4DT dlEAAC
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